Small Space, Big Harvest

You’ve a list of edibles you’d like to grow that’s as long as your arm, exciting menu ideas using unusual ingredients and plans to eat home-grown produce every day, but your growing space doesn’t quite match your ambition! Don’t worry, we have you covered with this course.

We show you how to carefully plan your space, make the right crop choices and extend both your growing space and growing seasons. Plus, we can help you think outside the veg box in order to maximise your harvest.

Is this course right for me?

This course is perfect if you have limited space for growing edible crops; whether you have a small space to start with, or a small area for edibles within a larger garden. You might just have a hard surface to grow off and want to grow in containers, whatever their size.

There is an element of creativity in this course. The level of drawing skill required is low, as we show you some ways to draw your ideas up using some simple methods. Be prepared to be creative on paper, there's some sketching and drawing up of simple charts. Some computer spreadsheet skills may also come in handy.

This course is particularly good for those with little to no experience of growing edible crops.

You will need to set aside around 4 to 6 hours for each module for self-guided study.

How your learning will progress

  • Exploring Your Space
  • Looking at the size and potential of your growing space and assessing what you can realistically and easily achieve

  • What Will You Harvest?
  • Identifying your favourite edibles, the crops that will grow well, save you money and give you a big harvest

  • Planning Your Growing Spaces
  • Exploring how to achieve the maximum harvest from the minimum amount of space and being creative with your planting combinations

  • How Do You Grow?
  • The best techniques for growing in a small space, plus getting the most out of your crops 12 months of the year

  • Making A Plan
  • Starting a detailed and carefully considered plan to ensure success and maximum cropping through your growing season

  • Edimentals, flowers and weeds
  • How to make the best of your growing by incorporating the more unusual into your plan, as well as planning to help beat the pests and improve your total harvest

  • Your Small Space, Big Harvest Growing Plan
  • Building upon the first stage of your plan to give you an effective, flexible and detailed plan to launch you into your first year of Small Space, Big Harvest growing

Course materials

Essential: A large tape measure for measuring your outdoor space, a pad and pencil, a compass, an eraser, pencils and pens in 3-4 colours, a scale rule is helpful but a ruler is sufficient, scale or graph paper and a clipboard

Nice to have: We have a range of books on our reading list. None of these are essential, but they might enhance your understanding of the subject. At the end of each module is a resources section that recommends other optional activities, such as podcasts, that might help your understanding of the subject.

Course cost

This online course is divided into 7 modules that will take you from exploring your small space through to a unique growing plan that you can use from year to year. You will develop your gardening skills, and maximise the harvest from your small space whatever its size and build upon your successes in future gardening years.

Much of the course material is available for you to download and keep. Any non-downloadable material is available for 180 days from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to work through the modules at a comfortable pace.

if you have more questions about the course, please visit our FAQ page or email

The cost of this course is £99.