Create Your Garden Sanctuary

We like to think of our gardens as places of retreat and refuge. Whether we share them with others or just garden on our own they are vital to our sense of well-being.

Ask a gardener why they garden and they will give you lots of reasons; escaping the stresses of everyday life, spending time with nature, the sense of achievement from watching plants grow…But you don’t need to be a keen gardener to experience the sense of well-being and healing power of a garden.

Is this course right
for me?

If you already spend time outside in your garden or visiting parks and open spaces to enjoy the fresh air and peace of plants and garden features then this course is perfect for you. A little work can help you create a green sanctuary within your garden, to enjoy and relax in.

This course is especially good for anyone looking to create a small garden or a corner of a larger space to get away from everyday pressures and relax. You will be inspired to think creatively about the small steps you can take to give you a place to retreat to. It will show you how you can be amongst plants and nature and to enjoy your favourite pastimes outside. So, whether you are an active gardener or just want sit back and enjoy the great outdoors, this course is for you.

You will need to set aside an average of 4 to 6 hours for each of the modules. The final module will set you up with the knowledge to make the right plant choices for your garden and may require another 4 to 6 hours.

How your learning will progress

Through just 3 short modules we’ll show you how to explore your garden to find what will work for you and your individual space. This course is designed to enable you to start making immediate improvements to your existing garden alongside your study in time for the Summer.

You will also learn how to invest in the future through plants and ideas that will enhance your very own garden sanctuary.

  • Understand what you want from your garden sanctuary
  • Discover the true meaning of a garden for well-being that is individual to you with creative activities that enable you to envision the atmosphere of your new sanctuary garden.

  • Discover and introduce new features you can use year-round
  • Create a simple garden plan that allows you to prioritise the new features you have discovered for your garden including ideas that you can start to create and benefit from straightaway as well as longer term goals. You can also start to develop your planting areas to match your ideas.

  • Find plants and grow your new garden sanctuary
  • Using simple design tools you will reveal the layers of planting in your current and future garden. Through simple steps you will develop a theme to your planting, learn about how to compose plants and understand the underlying horticulture. Then learn about the plants that you need and how to bring them together into a single vision that you can start to plant straightaway.
We’ll also show you how to share your garden with children, pets and wildlife if these are right for you. Through the unique course structure we encourage you to start developing your garden quickly so that you can enjoy the benefits straightaway.

Course materials

Essential: A pad and pencils, colour pencils and pens, a scale rule is helpful but a ruler is sufficient. Some card, scissors and glue will help you create the vision boards and a selection of garden magazines can be helpful although you can also use online resources. A large measuring tape will help you estimate the size of your sanctuary garden.

Nice to have: We have a range of books on our reading list. None of these are essential, but they might enhance your understanding of the subject. At the end of each module is a resources section that recommends other optional activities, such as listening to podcasts that might help.

Course cost

This online course is divided over 3 modules. It takes a simple approach to creating a garden that allows you to start creating it as you study. You’ll discover new techniques that will help you develop your garden in simple stages, whatever your garden’s size and whether it's an existing or brand new space.

Much of the course material is available for you to download and keep. Any non-downloadable material is available for 180 days from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to work through the modules at a comfortable pace.

If you have more questions about the course, please visit our FAQ page or email

The cost of this course is £99.