4 Seasons Of Colour

Do you struggle with achieving year-round colour in your garden? Does your garden peak during one season but look decidedly average the rest of the year?

Our 4 Seasons of Colour in Your Garden course will help you identify the areas and seasons where you have little or no colour and help you make the changes to bring you 4 Seasons of Garden colour. By the end of this garden makeover course, you will have created a comprehensive, considered plan so you can make effective decisions and achieve long-lasting results.

Is this garden makeover course right for me?

This garden makeover course is designed to help you explore and develop the planting colour in your garden through the year. Through a series of 7 modules, you will discover some of the skills that top designers use to make sure a garden looks good each season.

There is an element of creativity in this course. The level of drawing skill required is low, as we show you some ways to draw your ideas up using some simple methods. Be prepared to be creative though, there is some sketching and some drawing up of simple charts. Some computer spreadsheet skills may also come in handy.

You will need to set aside around 8 to 10 hours for each module for self-guided study.

How your learning will progress

  • Planning for 4 Seasons of Colour
  • Get back to basics by plotting and analysing your garden

  • Your Colour Personality
  • A journey into your own colour preferences and the palettes that will inspire your planting

  • Locate Your Layers of New Planting
  • Develop 4 season plans to complement views, fill existing gaps and address problems areas

  • Create Your New Planting Elevations
  • Explore plant shapes and combinations, to add a professional touch to your new colour garden

  • Your 4 Seasons of Garden Colour Chart
  • Develop an easy to use chart that will ensure maximum colour coverage throughout the year

  • Researching and Sourcing the Right Plants
  • Find, choose and source the right plants for the job

  • Your 4 Seasons of Garden Colour Masterplan
  • Produce your complete masterplan to guide you through creating and sustaining year-round colour in your garden

Course materials

Essential: A large tape measure for measuring your outdoor space, a pad and pencil, a compass, an eraser, pencils in at least 2 different lead types, a range of coloured pencils, draft or masking tape, a scale rule, graph paper, tracing paper and a clipboard. You will need to be able to print some colour photos of your garden.

Nice to have: We have a range of books on our reading list. None of these are essential, but they might enhance your understanding of the subject

Course cost

This garden makeover online course is divided into 7 modules giving you the tools to create your own design for 4 seasons of colour interest in your garden. You will learn a simple technique that you can use whenever and wherever you garden in the future, building from individual spaces to your whole garden. An investment in the right seasonal planting now will save you money and give you many years of year-round pleasure with the right plants for your own unique garden.

Much of the course material is available for you to download and keep. Any non-downloadable material is available for 180 days from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to work through the modules at a comfortable pace.

if you have more questions about the course, please visit our FAQ page or email courses@gardencourses.com

The cost of this course is £399.